From Weibo, the ONLY social media in China RABSS Blacks are the most inferior race, don't even know why people see them as humans ks are the most inferior race and yes am racist RARLEMMESIA " Blacks that bully asians outnumber the whites that do the same Can our country expel the blacks? Yes I'm racist! They're ugly & have no quality, RA TLRA RI G lacks ae any, stupid & ugly. Allegedly, that the the origin of sg-phuman fom Afriea doube that the prehistoric 'Africans ae all dead. Africans are the mutation of Asians. are all dead. human al RALOATENOLMAROIET RAR SAT ARTH A- No matter what race, black or white. Chinese are superior! Wrong is wrong, we won't discriminate & look down otherst RA- BA